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Dating brian juneau

The Frog Bridge of Willimantic commemorates a night in 1754 when everyone thought it was Judgment Day -- but the ominous noise was just drought-panicked frogs fighting to the death over pond water.

This stop is a hit with young children, who can enjoy riding the train, exploring the miniature buildings, and playing on the playground.

Homosassa Riverside Resort, which owns the island and takes care of the animals, offers boat tours and dinner cruises that promise an up-close look at the monkeys.

The Danville B&B in Geneva is a whole tiny town, including a pub and theater, self-contained in an airplane hangar.

The free Johnson Victrola Museum has some spectacular ones, along with an exhibit devoted to Nipper, the RCA mascot, and a recreated record shop circa 1910.

Aptly named, Monkey Island in Homosassa is inhabited by five monkeys: Ralph, Sassy, Ebony, Eve, and Emily.

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